Jon Krohn, Ph.D.

Human Talent and Artificial Intelligence Collide in Advanced New Offering from untapt

Added on by Jon Krohn.

This press release from July 19th formally launched our (untapt's) AI product, an algorithm for matching candidates with roles at scale. It offers expert-human-recruiter accuracy but is millions of times faster. 

In the piece, I was quoted as saying: 

The complexity and nuance of problems in the talent space make them fascinating ones to tackle with models that incorporate automation. Through the application of the latest statistical computing approaches from academia, we've harnessed the might of our large, high-dimensional data to streamline human-resource processes with commensurate subtlety. I'm delighted that these models are now available to our clients, minimizing drudgery and freeing up their time to focus on creative, interpersonal work.

Gareth Moody, my colleague and dear friend, opined that my choice of language in the quote was not un-awkward and that my verbosity was excessive.