Jon Krohn, Cajoler of Datums

I develop statistical techniques that learn about our world and make predictions.

Thriving on the creative effervescence of collaboration, I have worked globally, across traditional industry verticals, to automate data-driven decision-making and build intuitive digital products. 

Today, as the Chief Data Scientist at the New York-based start-up untapt, it is my pleasure to build statistical models that allow talented people to find jobs they'll have a high probability of loving. In addition, I'm honoured to lead a flourishing, stimulating Deep Learning Study Group

I enjoy writing and speaking on scientific and technological advances, with an emphasis on the societal opportunities and risks associated with them. 

For the numerically-inclined, my resources page may be of use: It lists the data science resources I value most. Please do get in touch with questions or comments, and enjoy!